Corona Geek #158 – Building Game Objects and Reloading Levels

Corona Geek #158 – Building Game Objects and Reloading Levels

On today’s Corona Geek Hangout we continued our “Using Gravity In Games” development discussion with a look at building game objects, restarting and advancing to new levels. This was part four of our ongoing look at developing a game similar to the popular mobile game, They Must Be Fed 3. Corona Geek

In part one of the series we discussed game mechanics and looked at how gravity works. In part two we added “air control” to manage what happens when the player jumps, and we added keyboard inputs to make play testing in Corona Simulator easier. In part three, we added level building code for creating platforms, spikes, coins, and monsters. We also looked at how to dynamically center the camera on the player’s starting position.

The project’s source is available. If you haven’t already, download the updated code to see how everything works.

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