Hangout Highlights – Invisible Game Pieces, Game Testing, and Auto-Generating Levels

Hangout Highlights – Invisible Game Pieces, Game Testing, and Auto-Generating Levels

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Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 158, we continued development on our “Monsters Need Coins” game. Ed Maurina walked us through code for creating platforms, monsters, spikes, and coins. We also looked at code for reloading levels when the player runs into spikes.

If you missed the Hangout, here are clips to help you catch up. Watch the entire conversation, or just the parts that interest you most.

Part 1 – Community Announcements

Part 2 – Plugins and Community Questions

Part 3 – Game Updates Overview

Part 4 – Building In Game Testing

Part 5 – Building Game Objects

Part 6 – Invisible Game Pieces

Part 7 – Auto-Generating Levels

Also, be sure to catch this week’s Hangout where we looked at adding turrets to games. We covered different turret types, vector math, and heat seeking bullets.

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  • tommy
    Posted at 01:17h, 18 September

    Hey guys!

    I just started my “programming life”. Was programming back when i was a kid and remembered i loved it! Now 30 ish years later finally got some time to spent programming.
    Your show is to hard for me to understand atm, hopefully i will gather more experiance and can enjoy the show more. But for now im that guy applauding the fotballgame only because the other people applauds 🙂

    I can bring a sprite to life and activate the sprite animation when pressing a button. I can take the animation and move it back and forth on the ground with applied physics. I have gone through alot of tutorials!

    so, questions – in generall!
    Have you done a show about:
    adressing the total noobs?
    Tricks of the trade?
    Recomended game rescourses online

    Specific question.
    I want to take my sprite and move it on the ground. Then when the sprite is say 100 pxls from the right hand side i want to start scrolling the ground and thus moving the world.

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