Fainting Goats App Review by Joshua, Age 7

Fainting Goats App Review by Joshua, Age 7

App: Fainting Goats
Developer: Two Guys Called Steve
Price: .99 cents
Device: iOS (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad), Developed using the Corona SDK

App Review:

Let’s face it, getting an honest app review can sometime be a real challenge. Your friends and family don’t want to hurt your feelings. Paid reviews are exactly that, and sometimes it feels like the negative reviews are 10X louder than a 100 positive ones. But every so often, you get a truly honest review directly from the most important person in the world, your customer. Not just someone who bought the app, but a true customer.

That’s what the Fainting Goats app got recently when Joshua, age 7, sat down at the computer to give Corona Geek the skinny on why he likes the app and thinks you will too.

I’ll try to summarize his review here as best I can, but you’ll have to watch his video review to get the full effect. To start Joshua really liked the idea of making goats faint. As a basic concept, that was a winner for him. He thought it was funny and for him it made for the perfect story line. No complicated plot, no history to unpack, just cute goats that faint when you make loud noises.

Joshua also showed us his strategy for making the goats faint by running from hill top to hill top to yell at the goats. Each time he’d yell, goats that were within earshot would fall over. Each level was completed once all the goats had fainted.

For the most part, that would made for a really simple game if all you had to do was knock out goats with your voice, but Two Guys Called Steve, the developer of the app added in a resource limited voice meter that monitors how much “voice” you have available for taking out the goats. The longer you hold the power pad, the more range your voice has. But, be careful because if you use too much voice before all the goats are on the ground, you don’t complete the level.

Joshua shared a few tips on how to make good use of your voice in short burst, but he also admitted that some of the goats were still a challenge to reach.

Overall there are 9 stages with 5 sections each, making for 45 levels of game play for .99 cents. That’s a lot of entertainment packed into an app that costs less than a candy bar.

When Joshua and his sister traveled round trip from Texas to Florida, Fainting Goats kept them entertained and laughing. Dear old dad didn’t even have to explain the control or how the game worked. All he had to do was buy the app, and hand over the iPod touch.

Overall, Fainting Goats is a very well thought out game with great graphics, cute audio, and a decent element of strategy that will keep kids entertained for hours. If you haven’t already, be sure to watch Joshua’s video review and give him a thumbs up for sharing his experience. It’s his first time to join us on a Corona Geek hangout and we were happy to have him do the app review for Fainting Goats.

Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever

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    Posted at 14:24h, 06 December

    I would love to get some more kid created app reviews on the website. Their perspective is some much different than the adults view.

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