Endless Runner Game Development Recap – Final Particle Effects, Composer Scenes, and Game Audio

Endless Runner Game Development Recap – Final Particle Effects, Composer Scenes, and Game Audio

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Last week on Corona Geek Hangout 135, we finished our endless runner game series by combining an emitter object with the CBEffects library to get the custom particle effects we wanted. We also dropped in splash, play, and restart scenes to the game using Corona’s Composer library and added audio for button push sounds and player collisions with walls. Download the full source code to see the finished project.

If you missed the series, watch the previous Hangouts to learn how everything was put together.

Here’s an overview of what each Hangout covered:

Here are clips from Hangout #135. Watch the entire Hangout, or just the pieces that interest you.

Part 1 – Combining Emitter Object With CBEffects Particle Effects Library in Corona SDK

Ed Maurina shows how he combined an Emitter with CBEffects to get a more fluid effect for the player object.

Part 2 – Adding Splash, Play, and Restart Scenes To Our Endless Runner Game

Using Corona’s Composer library scenes are added to give the game more polish.

Part 3- Adding Game Play Navigation Buttons

A transparent overlay effect is added to let the game play show immediately once the game loads.

Part 4 – Adding Button Tap and Collision Sounds

Audio is an important part of any game, so here we turn it on for button taps and player collisions.

Part 5 – Discussing The Benefits of Modular Game Development

The Hangout panelist share their thoughts on why using modules is good for creating reusable code.

Meanwhile, on this week’s Hangout, we started a brand new game development series were we are creating a memory matching game. Over the next several weeks we’ll examine how to display objects in a grid, how to randomize game pieces, how to match objects, and a whole lot more. So stay tuned.

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