Corona Geek Weekly Level Up – The Road Ahead

Corona Geek Weekly Level Up – The Road Ahead

Walter Luh, Dallas Corona SDK Meetup

Knowing where you’ve been is just as important as knowing where you are going. That’s why I like to write up a recap of the week. It helps remind me of what was accomplished during the week and hopefully it helps you catch up on anything you might have missed. This week’s recap is going to be a little different because on Monday it was officially announced that Corona Geek joined the Corona Labs family. In today’s recap, I want to share what this means for me, and of course for the Corona community. For me, this is a dream come true in two ways.

I dream in color

Firstly, it is the realization of an idea that I had just over a year ago when I met Walter Luh at a Meetup in Dallas. About 20 or so developers sat around a conference table in an office building while Walter talked about what Corona did, where it was headed, and how it helped developers to create amazing apps with a fraction of the code, in a fraction of the time. Walter was able to talk big picture as well as individual lines of code. While this is something most people can’t do, Walter was able to do it well. Combined with the actual technical solution, I was sold on Corona SDK from the start.

As I looked around the table I saw programmers, educators, marketers, and designers who were all looking for a tool that would help them create something amazing. They all had different skills, but they all wanted the same thing. It was in that moment that I envisioned a podcast that would help people learn more about Corona SDK and mobile development from one another. A show where the developers at Corona would answer questions asked by developers within the community. A show where developers could share what they had learned with others and they in turn could learn and be inspired by their peers. That show has become Corona Geek and now, as part of the Corona Labs family, it will be able to fill that role.

A-Game Players

Secondly, my dreams are coming true, because I’ve always wanted to work with a talented and passionate group of people who just “get it.” A group of people who are focused on accomplishing something truly amazing. A group that doesn’t punch the clock at five or look for ways to duck out early on Friday. I’ve always wanted to be part of a group that, as Steve Jobs called them, are “A-Game” players. Today, that dream is realized because I’m here to tell you that the Corona Labs team is about the more passionate, creative, focused, and hard-working group of people you will ever meet. I’m talking “4 in the morning,” “what day is it again,” “just one more minute, I’m almost done” kinda people, and I’m proud to be part of the them.

What it means for you

Well, that’s all great for me, but what does it mean for you? Well, it means Corona Labs is devoted to building the best mobile app platform and the strongest developer community on the planet. It means that as a developer you have a voice within the Corona community that everyone wants to hear.

That voice is Corona Geek. Corona Geek is for developers, by developers. It’s a place where Corona Developers can come to hang and talk with other people who are passionately interested in the same thing. It’s a hangout for geeks, Corona Geeks. A place where we can learn from each other and discuss all the things that make our family members’, and “normal” friends’ eyes glaze over. Corona Geek is yours.

In the last five months, I’ve had the joy of talking with some extremely bright Corona developers who are using Corona SDK in very creative ways. These conversations have uncovered insights that I would have never discovered on my own. It’s that kind of discovery and inspiration that each of us has and can share with one another. That’s what Corona Geek is all about. Corona Geek is our place to participate in a virtual “show and tell” in front of our peers.

I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with book authors, tool makers, and start ups. That’s been interesting and great as well. But labels are not important here, because each of us has something to share with the whole community regardless of our label. We are all Geeks first and we all have something to offer others. That’s what Corona Geek will be working towards in 2013.

To start, you can expect to see more developer interviews, app reviews, video tutorials, and live event coverage over the next several months. Whether related to Corona SDK or to mobile app development in general, Corona Geek is interested in covering it. That means app development, app discovery, app marketing, app monetization – you name it.

There’s a lot of work to be done. So, I need to ask for your help. I need you to tell me what you want to see on Corona Geek. What topics are most important to you? Are you like Ken Cardita who wants help with the pros and cons of various ad network options? Or are you like Ryley Newsham who’s looking for a super jump swipe solution for his new game? What’s most important to you? That’s what I need to hear from you. Sure, I have a list of things that I think would be good future topics for the show, but like I said before, it’s your show.

You can tell me what topics you’re interested in by filling out this form, leaving a comment below, sending me an email, or hitting me up on any of the social media spaces. If you have any questions about Corona Geek, Corona SDK, or mobile development in general, don’t be afraid to email me via or contact me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or YouTube.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday’s Corona Geek.

Charles McKeever
a.k.a., Corona Geek

Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever is a life long computer geek who enjoys exploring technologies to understand how they work, how they can be smashed together, and how they can be used to fuel entrepreneurial endeavors.

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