Corona Geek Hangout – Episode 6 – iPhone 5, Tab Bars, and Global vs Local Lua Variables

Corona Geek Hangout – Episode 6 – iPhone 5, Tab Bars, and Global vs Local Lua Variables

Corona Geek On Air episode 6 is live!

This week we discuss the release notes from previous Corona SDK builds, talk about local versus global Lua variables, covers some iPhone 5 highlights, review the Joke Shake app, and discuss adding tab bars to your Corona app.

Be sure to see the show notes below for a full list of resources that were referenced during the show.

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Show Geeks:

If you are new to the conversation, the Corona SDK is a cross platform mobile development tool kit that makes it easy for developers to create native applications for Android and iOS devices as well as for Kindle, and Nook. Find out more about Corona SDK.

In this episode of the Corona Geek On Air Show we covered:

Lastest Build Release Notes

  • Build 919 :  Mac Simulator/iOS: All iOS builds are now built against the iOS 6 SDK now that it is official. The daily build drop down box for SDK will no longer appear. All users should be building with this moving forward. Backwards compatibility is unchanged for the moment and should still theoretically support 4.3 and up, though actual testing is very minimal.

Corona Announcements

  • In episode 5 we talked about using the new Default-568h@2x.png for your iPhone 5 project. Just to clarify, adding Default-568h@2x.png to your iOS app project is an Apple requirement, not a Corona SDK requirement. While we’re still not solid on the reasoning for the name of this file, Dean Murphy, developer of Joke Shake, was nice enough to offer up the speculation that Default-568h@2x.png is half of 1136 (the iPhone 5 screen height). This is the best suggested answer we’ve heard so far, so we’ll go with that for now. Here’s his config.lua that sets screen size to the correct resolution for either iPhone’s, iPhone 5 or iPad’s

Newbie Questions

  • What’s the difference between local, global, and super global variables in Lua? Dr. Brian Burton explains all three and makes recommendations about why you’d want to use one over another.

Corona Blog highlights

  • iPhone 5 and iOS6 FAQ – Learn what it takes to target iPhone 5 devices using iOS6 and the Corona SDK.

App Review – Joke Shake, Developed by Dean Murphy of Echo(Echo).

  • Free, ad supported (some in-app purchases)
  • Available for iPhone / iPad
  • Shake the device to get a random joke.
  • Share jokes via Facebook or SMS
  • Submit a joke in-app via email
  • Play different sound effects
  • Choose different joke categories (kids, adult, etc)
  • Make in-app purchases to remove ads and add joke packs
  • It’s simple, it’s fun, and well thought out.
  • If you feel like being awesome, download, rate, and review the app.
Corona SDK references:
After the show Dean Murphy commented that he didn’t use all of the things we mentioned in the show to create his Joke Shake app, but here are the Corona SDK doc references just in case you’d like to implement some of them in your app.

Device News

API Spotlight – Combining storyboard and tab bar examples:

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  • Brian Burton
    Posted at 20:52h, 24 September

    Just wanted to give a reference for the _G global variable discussion. If you look it up in the lua language guide, it states that the _G is a variable that holds the global environment. Thus referencing a global variable through _G (i.e. _G.var) is a direct way to access any global variable.

    • charlesmckeever
      Posted at 11:14h, 26 September

      When you say, “a direct way to access any global variable” I’m assuming that mean any global variable regardless of what lua file it was defined in. Is that correct?

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