Corona Geek #33 – Hanging out with Questlord’s Eric Kinkead

Corona Geek #33 – Hanging out with Questlord’s Eric Kinkead

Corona GeekThis week, we hung out with Questlord’s Eric Kinkead. Questlord is a turn-based Role Playing Game (RPG) in the classic style of the legendary Computer Role Playing Games that defined the genre. Eric shared his Corona SDK mobile developer story with us, along with his views on what makes a successful mobile game. Also joining us on the developer panel were Dr. Brian Burton, Dean Murphy, Ed Maurina, Mohamed Bennouf and Matthew Chapman.

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Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever is a life long computer geek who enjoys exploring technologies to understand how they work, how they can be smashed together, and how they can be used to fuel entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Mo
    Posted at 22:33h, 05 April

    Thank you Eric and Charles for a great show! It is so nice to see a developer so passionate about coding and gaming. Love the part about putting yourself in front of your customers (Touch Arcade…)

    Good stuff!


  • E Johnson
    Posted at 04:05h, 06 April

    Charles, It’s a marvel that you deliver great hourly shows week after week with interesting guests from around the world. The beauty of your video or Corona Labs as a whole is its genuineness, a hallmark that results in outstanding Corona SDK product which is causing all Corona competitors visibly concerned, if not already left them behind.

    Week after week, however, it seems some of your guests have low-bandwidth connection that results in jagged video and, worst of all, bad audios. In TV media, poor-quality videos are regularly sacrificed, but audio is always the king. I think audio encoding could always be synched with your guest for optimal audio recording.

    It’s great to view the raw 1-hour show but I suspect most, geeks or otherwise, do not have that much time. Could you perhaps produce an accompanying short version containing important highlights, like a TV news clip or even a CBS ’60 minutes’-like segment? It seems unfortunate that topics like Eric’s tips on database usage for his apps, his views on Corona SDK and road map, or past shows’ goodies on Corona daily builds, IAP, monetization, important web links, etc. all by default got buried within the videos.

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