Corona Geek On Air – Episode 15 – Hanging with Jay Jennings, Corona Project Manager, and Data Tutorials

Corona Geek On Air – Episode 15 – Hanging with Jay Jennings, Corona Project Manager, and Data Tutorials

Corona Geek On Air episode 15 is ready for your comments!

During this week’s live Corona Geek On Air Hangout we were joined by special guest Jay Jennings, creator of Corona Project Manager. We discussed the new Corona Geek iTunes feed, Stitcher Partnerships, Chrome Extensions, Corona Labs’ $2 million round of funding, the new Corona SDK public release, Corona Project Manager, wallet apps, game graphics, OpenFeint’s transition to GREE, and a new in-depth tutorial for working with data with the Corona SDK. Phew 🙂

As always, be sure to join us next Monday at 2pm CST and add us to your Google+ Corona SDK circle.

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Show Geeks:

If you are new to the conversation, the Corona SDK is a cross platform mobile development tool kit that makes it easy for developers to create native applications for Android and iOS devices as well as for Kindle, and Nook. You can find out more about the Corona SDK at

Show Notes – 11/19/2012


  • YouTube Comments – Firstly, thank you to everyone who has been leaving comments for the show on YouTube. Secondly, I’m a dork! I didn’t realize your comments were there until this past weekend when I approved them all and tried to respond to as many as possible. I didn’t realize they were there, but I know now, so I’ll be checking for them regularly. I love comments so keep them coming.

Lastest Build Release Notes

  • New Public Release – Corona Labs has published a new public release, which means that the new widgets, Android enhancements, iPhone 5 updates, game center fixes, and other bug fixes are now available to anyone who wants to develop using the Corona SDK.

Corona Blog highlights

Developer Spotlight

  • Jay Jennings, Corona Project Manager – This week we hung out with Jay Jennings, Creator of Corona Project Manager. In addition to talking about the time saving features of CPM, we’ll also got him to tell us about his Corona app creation course, his game development course, and the next version of CPM named Outlaw (isn’t that cool). Jay is a fun guy to talk with and he’s been using the Corona SDK for 2 years and has been developing software for 25 years. You can download a fully functional trial version of Corona Project Manager and manage up to 6 projects before needing a paid license. While you’re on his site, drop Jay a note and tell him you saw him on Corona Geek. He’ll get a kick out it.

App Review

  • Lemon Wallet – Last weekend I left the house for a family outing and I forgot my wallet. I had my iPhone with my Starbucks app, so I could buy all the coffee and muffins I wanted, but I had no drivers license or credit cards. So I started looking for wallet apps that would serve as a backup to my neglected wallet in future. I found Lemon Wallet and it looks very promising. I’d publish a full review soon, but it got me to wondering if you recommend any wallet replacement apps. Post a comment below and tell me your favorite app, or if you’d even consider storing all your credit card data in your phone
  • Thanksgiving Freedom – Peter Sandford recently launched his first mobile app using the Corona SDK and it’s just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. The game is an 8-Bit side scroller with a retro appeal. You play the game as turkey who is trying to escape his or her Thanksgiving fate by jumping over cornucopias, pilgrim hats, hay bails, and pits. Along the way you collect stars and try not to die. The app is fun and would make a good game for the kiddies on the way to grandma’s house. You can download the .99 cent app in the Apple App Store.

Device / Industry News

API Spotlight
  • Continuing on last week’s data management discussion, Brian has create a new step-by-step tutorial on how to pull data from a remote source, store that data in a local database, and then retrieve it for use within an app, all using the Corona SDK. He’s even created a companion video that walks you through the code, so you won’t get lost. This is a great end to end solution, so be sure to work through all the code and leave Dr. Burton your thanks on his website at Burtons Media Group.
That’s it for this week.
Next Week
  • On the next weekly Corona Geek On Air Hangout we’ll be joined by Eric Dyck, co-Founder of Tap For Tap. Eric’s going to tell us how to cross promote our apps using a tap exchange. We’ll also be asking him about his revenue sharing beta program, so be sure to tune in for that episode 16 of Corona Geek.
If you have thoughts on this topic that you’d like to share, post them in the comments below. We’d love to hear how you handle data storage in your app.



Charles McKeever

Charles McKeever is a life long computer geek who enjoys exploring technologies to understand how they work, how they can be smashed together, and how they can be used to fuel entrepreneurial endeavors.

  • Charles McKeever
    Posted at 22:37h, 19 November

    Here are the graphic URLs Jay mentioned on the show: and

  • adam16ster
    Posted at 16:54h, 20 November

    how relevant will jay’s business app tutorials be once corona finishes revamping its widget library?

    • J. A. Whye
      Posted at 20:00h, 20 November

      Oh, that’s a *good* question. And when I heard they were revamping the widgets I thought, simultaneously, “Cool!” and “Crap!” I want better widgets, but I hate redoing videos. 🙂

      I typically create my tutorial courses based on the publicly available release, not daily builds. So when a new release happens, if there are changes needed I’ll either add supplementary videos for small changes, or completely recreate the affected videos for larger changes.

      Basically, I intend to keep the videos up-to-date (with the current public release).

  • adam16ster
    Posted at 16:55h, 20 November

    where’s renegade? you’re blog stated q4 2012 release. are you close?

    • J. A. Whye
      Posted at 19:56h, 20 November

      (Warning: drama alert) No, not close. The death of my father and the disappearance of my 16yo daughter this summer basically blew 3 months to smithereens. About a month ago is when I finally got things shifted back into Drive but I’m still playing catch-up.

      That’s the biggest downside to being a “lone wolf developer” — when life happens there’s nobody else who can take up the slack.

      Renegade is still on my list, but pushed back because the scope of Outlaw is in flux. While today it’s a rebranded copy of CPM, I’ve come up with some ways to get about halfway to Renegade — while still allowing it to be used in it’s current form.

      Renegade is going to be a complete switch — if you want to use it, you *won’t* be able to write your program any way you want like you can now with Outlaw/CPM. But what I see Outlaw morphing into over the next 2-3 months is something that allows both methods.

      The biggest difference between Outlaw and Renegade is the “new stuff” in Outlaw will be using Corona SDK under the hood — I still plan on using Moai SDK for Renegade.

      Why not just get to work right on Renegade? Because I think at this point the market for a Corona-based tool is bigger than the market for a Moai-based tool. And I have to pay the bills. My “funding” for tomorrow comes from whatever sales I make today, basically.

      But if someone threw q big bunch of money at me? I’d dump everything and focus on Renegade. In a heartbeat.

      Sorry, I know that was a long answer. 🙂

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