Corona Geek #192 – EAT Lean, EAT Fat, and Game Design Notes

Corona Geek #192 – EAT Lean, EAT Fat, and Game Design Notes

On this week’s Corona Geek podcast, we explored some random game ideas and discussed how we each approach game design. Also, Ed Maurina announced the introduction of EAT Lean and EAT Fat. These two versions of Ed’s Awesome Tool, are focused on serving the specific needs of  basic and advanced users respectively. If you’d like to be a supporter of Ed’s work, be sure to visit the Roaming Gamer website for more details.

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Also, if you would like to save hours of time creating custom widget themes, check out the widget theme work that Mike Hempfling is doing at Crave Creative.

As mentioned in the podcast, here is the Casual Connect talk by Matt Hall and Andy Sum on balancing game play and making money during the design of Crossy Road.


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