Corona Geek #185 – Spine workflow basics and using Tiled as a level editor

Corona Geek #185 – Spine workflow basics and using Tiled as a level editor

On last week’s Corona Geek podcast, Laura Tallardy introduced us to the basics of animation workflow using Spine. Using a layered Photoshop file, Laura was able to break up her character into parts. Those parts were then imported into Spine, mapped to a skeleton, animated, and then exported for use with Corona SDK. The panel also discussed how to programatically control animations on the fly.

In the second half of this extended show, Michael Wilson from Pony Wolf shared how he and his team are able to knock out polished apps as part of game jams like Ludum Dare and others. Michael gave us a peek at how he uses Tiled as a level editor, including managing physics bodies. Michael will be giving us a Tiled basics lesson on the next Corona Geek. In the meantime, check out Michael’s Ludum Dare entry, The Mimic.

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  • Yoozoo
    Posted at 14:29h, 05 May

    Fantastic podcast this week. Thanks for the many insights Michael Wilson, Tiled looks worthy of investigation. Spine does a great job at making Corona content look good for prospective new users.

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