Featured tool: Corona Plugin for Xcode

Featured tool: Corona Plugin for Xcode

Many Corona developers — especially those who don’t use Corona Enterprise — tend to view Apple’s Xcode as daunting, overwhelming, and perhaps even a bit scary. However, for iOS/macOS, Xcode is an essential development tool that works alongside Corona’s core (even if you never use the Xcode application, Corona is using it!).

For those who do use Xcode, even just for the simplicity of using its “Devices” window to install Corona-built apps onto your devices, you may be interested in the powerful Corona Plugin for Xcode by Jacob Nielsen.

Corona Plugin for Xcode

The Corona Plugin for Xcode adds a vast array of new features to Xcode, turning it into an easy-to-use, smooth, and efficient editor for Corona projects. With this plugin, you get these features and more:

  • Edit your pure Lua-based Corona projects directly inside Xcode — no “native” coding or development experience required!
  • Syntax highlighting for Corona/Lua.
  • Auto-completion library calls, keywords, constants, etc.
  • Corona API documentation look-up from selected text.
  • Snippets declarations, loops, conditions, etc.
  • Corona project and file templates built into Xcode.
  • Custom behaviors and keybinding set for Corona.

Plays well with Enterprise too!

This plugin is also a great addition if you are working with Corona Enterprise. In this case, you will achieve an excellent workflow by being able to do both Corona/Lua code and native code side-by-side in Xcode.

Affordable and optimal

The Corona Plugin for Xcode is available for $19.00 in the Corona Marketplace, making it an affordable alternative to higher-priced IDEs — and if you’re a Corona developer using macOS, you already have Xcode (it’s free).

Atop the features listed above, this plugin can simplify your development environment by letting you use one application for editing Corona code, installing/updating apps on devices, and letting you view device-specific debugging output in the Xcode “Devices” window.

Check out the Corona Plugin for Xcode and see how easy Xcode can be!

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