Corona Geek #193 – Game Center, Touch ID, VLC plugins and more

Corona Geek #193 – Game Center, Touch ID, VLC plugins and more

On this week’s Corona Geek podcast, Warren Fuller (aka, Animonger) stepped us through his robust Apple Game Center GameKit plugin, complete with a feature rich tester app for GameKit. Check Warren’s Animonger website for a Google Play Games Services (GPGS) tester app as well.

Scott Harrison shared source code sample projects for a tic-tac-toe game using GPGS and a tic-tac-toe game using GameKit along with a look at this upcoming Touch ID plugin for iOS.

Sergey showed off his NotTetris sample game. Ed Maurina updated us on his EAT tool for generating build configurations effortlessly. And, Steven Johnson talked about his luaproc plugin and showed off his plugins for Serialize, VLC, and loading bitmap images.

Tic-Tac-Toe using Game Center

Touch ID plugin demo

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